Tuesday, April 12, 2011


in spring 2009, myself and four other parsons students
created Mustard, a small pop-up fashion business and zine.
we had two clothing sales events, taking place at school
and in Brooklyn's, Artists & Fleas Designer Market.
there were six different issues of our zine,
and we each
designed out own collections.
our zines were read and our
clothes were bought.
however, though we were a huge
success, we did not continue
as a business.

here is our long forgotten blog. http://mustardmag.blogspot.com/

below are some images from our fliers, first sales event,
zine and of my collection for Mustard.

*all garments by alexastark in image above are sold- except the black dress
*some garments in collection were not photographed and are sold

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